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"What are you doing outside?"

Remember the colleague who donated his empty beer bottles to the cause? I didn't get the crates because he needed those to build a stand so that everyone could see the TV for the soccer games.
Anyway, he and his housemates did give me some 80-something bottles. That's a bit more than 8 euros in deposit, but they didn't want to hear about any (monetary) compensation. I can understand that -- it's a small amount of money -- but I did want to do something back for them.

So I did what I do best: bake a cake. I had planned to bring it to work today to give to him, but I forgot. So when klik left for her singing lesson, I took the cake and cycled to his house. Unannounced, but I was pretty sure he'd be there. ;)
He was very surprised and offered me a beer and to watch the game, but since I have no interest in soccer, I left after a brief chat. It is as my dad says: "Small gifts keep the friendship lively."

Anyway, when I was very close to home, riding over the bicycle path behind the houses, I was accosted by a lady who seemed to be walking her lamb(?). She asked me what I was doing outside -- there was a soccer game on!
I replied that I had no interest in soccer, and of course neither did she. She had hoped the park would be completely empty, but there were quite a few people out and about, enjoying the evening sunshine. I replied that at least they were likeminded people.

In the end, everyone is happy: the sportsfans because there's a game on, and the non-fans because everything is now so serene and quiet.

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