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Finished series: Denno Coil

We've finished watching Denno Coil. My first episode review is here.

Yuko moves to another city to live with her grandmother, together with her younger sister Kyoko and their cyberpet Denske. You see, most of the kids in the city wear 'cyberglasses' that provide augmented reality.
But this city is a bit special: it was originally the domain of another cyberglasses manufacturer, and so there are loads of spaces with old version numbers. And in those old spaces, there are all sorts of interesting 'bugs' and viruses that can be used to access the deep, dark corners of the net! Yuko gets mixed up in this when her cyberpet is possessed by a virus called Illegal, and is recruited into 'Denno Coil', an organisation devoted to collecting these bugs and other mischief, spearheaded by Yuko's own grandmother!

At school, Yuko ('Yasako', because her name is written with the character for 'gentle') meets another girl called Yuko ('Isako', because her name is written with the character for 'courageous'). Isako is actively creating collisions between old and new spaces, in order to harvest these bugs. She beats a group of boys into submission to do her bidding, which brings her in a direct collision course with the Denno Coil!
All this while dodging the Kyuu-chans and Saatchi's, which are cyberconstructs to clean up old spaces...

It turns out that Isako is after a way to 'free' her brother from being trapped in cyberspace. She believes his consciousness is still trapped somewhere in an old space, and she needs the help of various constructs (created from the subconscious of the wearers of the glasses) to get him back.
Obviously, she chooses a dangerous method, and the Illegals start swarming, taking the cyber-bodies of others with them back to old spaces no-one can reach! In the end, it takes the combined efforts of Isako, the Denno Coil and others to clean things up.

The series is pretty interesting. The subject matter is a bit avant-garde, but I can envision things working like they show in the series. Obviously, there are some things that don't make a lot of sense upon closer inspection, but I guess that can be expected with something like AR: it's hard to think of the consequences of it, and the technologies behind it.
The set-up at the start and the ending are pretty intense, but the middle part is quite low-key and even a bit episodic. The one episode where all the kids grow 'beards' of Illegals is hilarious.

Visually, the series is quite good. The character designs are a bit simple, but the environments and digital effects are really good. The voice acting is very nice as well -- the kids all have kids' voices, and the characterisation really shines through.

Good points:
- Interesting subject matter;
- Lots of cyber-pranks, -mischief and plain fun;
- High quality.
Bad points:
- Needs 'magic' in the end to explain it all;
- Some of the middle episodes are quite 'low tension'.

All in all, a 7.5.
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