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So after the verdict came in that I should not lager my beer for two weeks, my lead-time for acquiring 42 beer bottles was shortened from two and a half weeks to three days. I sent out the call for bottles, and colleagues came by with their eight, or five bottles... Nice, and certainly a help, but it would take quite a bit to get enough...

Until a colleague, who was until recently a student, got wind of the whole thing. He offered me to collect some bottles, all I had to do was come by his house to collect them.
Turns out he misheard me. I have a 30 liter bucket, but there's only 15 liters of beer in there. He had gotten enough bottles for 30 liters!
I took 'em all home, and I spent yesterday evening peeling off the labels and rinsing out the cigarette butts and washing the bottles in the washing machine. I have more than enough to bottle up my beer!

And now I get the advice to lager after all -- so my lead time has increased by two weeks. Oh well.
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