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Finished series: Myself, Yourself

We've finished watching Myself, Yourself. My first episode review is here.

Sana moved away from his home town when he was ten, but now he returns as a highschool student -- alone. He stays in an apartment that he rents from the parents of one of his childhood friends, and gets to meet the rest of the gang once again. Some have changed a lot, others not so much.
He does get into trouble with Nanaka, the girl who was especially sad when he left, because he didn't recognise her immediately. Obviously, Sana and Nanaka are the main couple of the series, but it's a bit of a rocky road.

You see, Nanaka still likes Sana, but is too tsundere to actually come out and say it. Meanwhile, Sana attracts the attention of some other girls, and they are always one step ahead of her due to her shyness. When Sana mentions he likes cookies, Nanaka bakes some for him, but before she can muster enough courage to give them to him, some other girl feeds him her cookies...
Nanaka starts a rather insidious campaign to drive other girls away from Sana, thereby stirring up more family trouble for the twins (who run off together not long after). And then Sana finds out what she (still) feels for him, and what a hard time she has had after he went away. You see, her parents died in a fire that she suspects her uncle of starting, and she was the only survivor -- she jumped out of the window with her violin, and she hasn't played it since. And she is staying at her uncle's house...
Obviously, this revelation draws Sana and Nanaka much closer, and at the climax it is revealed just why Sana never takes the watch with the broad band off...

OK, so it's a harem anime based on a dating sim (and if it isn't, it should be). And again, it starts out pretty normal but then it is revealed that everyone (except one character...) is completely fucked up and has really huge problems with their life. I guess that's 'de rigeur' these days for the genre...
And still, it's hard to feel emotionally moved by what's going on, perhaps precisely because it's so fucked up. That gives the viewer a lot of emotional distance, which detracts from the series quite a bit.
On the plus side, Sana has an actual character -- not every series in the genre can make the same claim... And the token male friend is an actual character too, and not some sort of loser who trolls for girlfriends all day while the main character is chased by women wherever he goes. That gives it a more balanced feel.

The character animation is quite decent, and once again there's a lot of attention to the female character designs, which are quite nice to look at. There's not much fan service, by the way -- that's a plus too.
The CGI backgrounds are quite vivid, which adds to the feel of quality, but it doesn't always blend in very well with the cell animation.
Voice acting is good, but there is one female with that weird high-pitched sqeaky voice. I wish they'd stop doing that.

Good points:
- A male lead with an actual character!? What will they think of next!
- Characters aren't just cardboard cut-outs to be shuffled around.
- Visually pleasing.
- An actual ending!
Bad points:
- Everyone's fucked up.

All in all, it's certainly worth your time if you're into the genre. I'll give it a 7.5.
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