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Cooking slow

Friday, we went to visit usmu. After having lunch, we went for a walk -- Culemborg has various green spots hidden away not too far from the historic city centre, which is very nice. What wasn't so nice is that usmu's hayfever was acting up, so we stopped by a pharmacy.
I was still looking for very small pans to use when melting chocolate au bain marie (now I make do with various larger pans, which is sub-optimal), and the Blokker had a sale going on -- so we checked it out, but I came up empty-handed.

We went back to usmu's, where he took his medicine, and we swung by his parents' gallery to say hi and check out the current exhibition. His mother mentioned that a new cook-shop had opened, so we went to check that out -- the quest for the small pans continued.

I did find those small pans, but I also found a slow cooker (or 'one pot cooker', as Breville names it). At 3.4 liters, it's a bit large for just the two of us, so I asked whether there were any smaller ones. There weren't. But seeing that this one was very reasonably priced (we would have expected the price to consist of three figures, but that was not the case), I bought it anyway.

Today we are going to visit grandma, and we'll be taking dinner with us. I have had Beef Rendang stewing all night, and it is deliciously tender!

I like stew, but making it is an involved process that needs constant supervision. Now I can just pre-brown the meat, put everything in the slow-cooker, turn it on and leave for the day!
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