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Finished series: Kurogane Communication

We finished watching Kurogane Communication this week. It's a 24-episode series, with each episode about 15 minutes long. It has been released on 3 DVD's and/or a DVD set.

Kurogane Communication is the story of Haruka, the last girl on Earth. You see, Haruka had been put into cold sleep during the war. That war had wiped out all of humanity, only robots are left. A group of those robots found Haruka and thawed her. As the series begins, she is living with this group in a run-down hotel building amidst the ruins of what once was Tokyo. The group of robots have their own role in the group-dynamic, which is pretty entertaining to see.
The premise sounds really bleak, but in fact the first few episodes are actually quite cheerful and upbeat. OK, there are a few attacks by non-sentient robots, but they are all easily repelled. And the group has time/resources to do fun stuff like go to the beach.

But then it does turn pretty bleak. When Haruka regains her memory, we get to know just what exactly happened to her parents -- and it ain't pretty. And the whole second part of the series, on the tropical island, is rather menacing too. We shouldn't be making terminator-style robots (even though they might wear frilly pink aprons, like Reeves does).

Good points:
- The robot called 'Cleric' actually looks like a D&D Cleric!
- Realistically bleak at times;
- You can recognise existing spots in Tokyo in between the wreckage;
- The story is pretty engaging, and it's rife with cliffhangers. You do want to see the next episode!

Bad points:
- Opening and closing song aren't that special;
- Though the fanservice is rather minimal, I could have done completely without it.

I'll give it a 7.

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