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Finished series: Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica

We've finished watching Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica. My first episode review is here.

Phoron is a 'Dantist' -- someone who has bonded with a spirit. These spirits live off music, and the Dantists perform their own music to power the magic of the spirits. Phoron's spirit is a fearsome Corticarte, the 'red goddess' -- even though she spends most of her time in the form of a small schoolgirl.
Phoron works at a Dantist dispatch agency. Whenever there is a job involving spirits, or something that can be done with spirit labor, he and Corticarte are sent to the site to do their thing. Sometimes it's something mundane like demolishing a building (something Corticarte is well suited for), other times it's driving a car during a crash test (spirits are immortal!). Having spirits around gave easy solutions to all sorts of problems, which means that spirits are used in almost every situation.

Due to various (mis-)adventures, Phoron and Corticarte learn that the relationship between spirit and Dantist (which is always cross-gender for some reason: male Dantists have female spirits, female Dantists have male spirits under their command) is key to the success of their missions. There's lost spirits that have to be set straight, there's rogue Dantists who force their spirits to do their bidding, there's a vengeful spirit that has to be soothed, etcetera. And every time, setting the spirit and the Dantist straight is the key to the solution -- which often involves Corticarte entering battle mode and doing some collateral damage.
It's a one-season series, so there's not much else there, plot-wise.

Character designs are cutesy, and they have that whole weird hair-thing going on that irritated me when we watched Kanon too -- as if there's an extra set of locks sprouting out of the top of girls' heads. Other than that, it's all pretty nicely done, though nothing eye-popping.
The voice acting and music also have this same 'decent, but nothing special' mode. It's a competently executed series with a modest budget.

Good points:
- Decent visuals;
- Decent plotlines.
Bad points:
- The 'moral' is a tad predictable.

It's hard to get overly enthousiastic about this series. 'Decent' is the best way to describe it. I'll give it a 6.5.
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