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Some of you may remember the troubles we had with our ground fault circuit breaker back in January 2006. We 'fixed' it by creating a bypass for all the stuff that mattered through a few extension cords. This had a few drawbacks, such as no LED lighting in the kitchen (which is pretty dark, being in the middle of the house), no dimming halogen spots in the living room, and an extension cord for the dish washer that hindered when opening the hatch.

Today, I dove into that mess, and sorted it out. The hobbyist creation of my father-in-law was dismantled, and I connected the various circuits together (one by one) with 'normal' connection equipment.

So far, everything is working without any ground faults. Took us two years to clean up that stuff, let's hope our troubles don't re-start -- at least not until we're having the whole stuff renovated anyway.
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