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Step 1 completed

I finished converting the 'CDIndex'-application to a set of MySQL tables plus PHP pages. Now any OS with a LAMP stack can publish the information -- which is to say: all of them.
Since it's now a web-application (using the term 'application' very loosely...), I added stuff like being able to click through to other information. For instance, you can get a list of disc numbers that the episodes of a particular series are stored on (the main usage of CDIndex). But now the disc numbers are also links to a page that lists everything on that page. From there you can link on to the episode list of all the series that have an episode on that disc, etcetera.
Programming the combobox was a bit of a hassle, but it's done now.

The next step is to port 'FitOnCD', the application that calculates the 'optimal' filling of a disc, to a Python script.
Tags: fansubbing, linux

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