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Kaiba: a science-fiction story in ultra-flat style. 'Warp' wakes up with a hole in his chest and a tattoo of three circles on his abdomen. When some flying machines come to suck his mind out of his body, he gets rescued by Popo, who takes him to some kind of undercity, where the poor live. Rich people live above the electric clouds, and they prey on the memories and bodies of the poor. Warp doesn't know who he is, but his tattoo draws lots of attention...
The style is really something else, and the subject matter seems to be a transhuman cyberpunk-like story. It takes a while before you start to recognise that not everything that happens is completely random. There is a story here, and an interesting one at that. Without the constraints of 'normal' anime, the creators have every possible means to tell the story in their own way.

RD Senno Chosashitsu: During an incident fifty years ago, a free diver with the first cybernetic implants gets injured when a mysterious phenomenon causes a catastrophe on a new marine development. Now, the 'Real Drive', some sort of cyberspace, has built upon the foundations of the research conducted at that time -- but the mysterious marine phenomenon returns!
After watching the first episode, we weren't sure what it was that we had seen. It's a dense episode, packed with things that are shown but not explained. At the start, in 2010, things are relatively mundane (except for the cyber-implant, of course) -- but in 2060 things are off at the deep end (pun intended). Looks to be an interesting story with a diverse mix of characters.

The Daughter of Twenty-Faces: A mysterious and daring thief, nicknamed 'Twenty Faces' for his knack of disguising himself, has a mission to 'steal treasures from swine'. And one of those treasures is Chiko, an orphan who lives with her aunt and uncle -- who try to slowly poison her so that they can inherit her fortune! Through some clever trickery, Twenty-Faces makes off with her (and the family heirloom), subjecting her to exciting car chases and stuff like that...
Has a definite Lupin-like feel to it. The character designs are a bit old-school, but that only adds to the charm.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki: A thousand years ago, the monster Enki was defeated. He prophecied that his child will destroy the world -- and that time is now. And there are five children of Enki -- so what to do? Well, the solution is simple! Take a normal human, force him to marry one of the children (a cat girl), and form a family with the rest (a lion, a biological combat robot, a jellyfish and two seemingly human teenagers). Then see who behaves like what, identify the one who will fulfill Enki's prophecy and kill that one!
Completely random. There is some underlying idea of a plot, but that seems to only exist to serve as a backdrop for weird antics by any of the 'children', with our poor human as the butt of their jokes. Might be just the thing for people with ADHD on a sugar rush.
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