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Himitsu: The police have a new toy: MRI! No, not the actual MRI, but something called 'Memory Recall imaging'! You place a brain from a dead person in the MRI within 48 hours, hook up some probes to stimulate the brain to 120% of its usual activity, and you get a nice video feed of their memories! Aoki is new in this unit: he is an expert in lip reading (the memory-stream is video-only), and he helps solving the case of a murdered woman!
Amusing (though the whole Aoki/Maki thing is laid on quite thickly), and the science is completely wonky. Yes, your memories pass through the hypocampus, but they're not stored there, etc etc etc. Still, it's pretty neat to see how this 'disruptive' technology will play out in the police.

Nabari no Ou: Miharu carries with him a hidden ninja technique, though he doesn't know it himself. Which means that he is targeted by various ninjas, while another faction, consisting of his classmate and his teacher, pledge to protect him.
Uninteresting, and the fights aren't nicely choreographed either. Miharu is a thoroughly boring boy, to top it off.

Golgo 13: Duke Togo is the assassin code-named 'Golgo 13'. His speciality is sniping, and when a plane is hijacked, Golgo 13 is freed from jail to take care of the problem, since this calls for a specialist! We get a few scenes of him getting a rifle prepped, some sex and some random violence thrown in, and then he makes the shot and flies off into the sunset.
The style is quite ugly, and the series lacks style in portraying the underworld -- they're either mousey gunsmiths or thuggish brutes. And Golgo 13 himself has the personal charm of a brick.

Blassreiter: When a dead woman turns up during a motor-race, and she turns into some kind of demon which can fuse itself with inanimate objects, all hell breaks loose. Gerd, the main racer from a motor-team, gets injured and can't race anymore. He is visited in the hospital by Hermann, a former colleague of his, who has joined some sort of anti-demon SWAT team. Hermann manages to pick Gerd up a bit. But when a mysterious woman offers Gerd a drug that will restore his broken physique, all hell breaks loose when another demon is sighted!
This being made by GONZO, the animation is incredibly detailed and smooth, as we have come to expect from them. They are real masters of the realistic drawing style, and this series is not an exception. It remains to be seen that there is some actual story here, though.

Penguin no Mondai: A penguin called Beckham goes to school with Naoto. And they have all sorts of bizarre adventures -- hard to describe just how bizarre it is. The writers must have been on crack. I wonder what the Japanese kids who are subjected to this, will grow up to become later on... Oh, and it's all CGI, and ugly.

Crystal Blaze: Young women are killed and turned into glass statues. And a week later, a detective agency botches a job where they have to transport such a statue -- but this one comes alive and runs away from her erstwhile owners!
In this series, the detectives are hard-boiled and have lots of girlfriends, the junior detectives are whiny and overconfident, and the intermediaries are transvestites. The only competent one seems to be the glass statue herself...

Monochrome Factor: Akira is a bored schoolboy who skips classes whenever he feels like it. He meets Shirogane, a mysterious guy without a shadow. When Akira escorts two of his friends to school at night, they are attacked by 'shadows' (with scythes instead of arms), and they are saved by Shirogane. Akira does something stupid, and he has to enter into a contract with him to save his life -- and so he turns into a shadow himself.
Akira isn't a likable character, Aya fits the violent archetype, and nothing much interesting happens. And this must be the season of boy-love undertones, because obviously Shirogane has the hots for Akira.
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