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Kamen no Maid Guy: Naeka stands to inherit/receive a large sum of money from her grandfather when she turns 18 in a few months. There is reason to believe that an attempt will be made on her life in that time, so her grandfather devises a plan. He dispatches two maids to the house of Naeka and her brother Kosuke, which is a total dump! They clean it up quite a bit -- so that it actually becomes a home again. There is only one catch: one of the 'maids' is a thuggish guy, who gives Naeka his well-meant service (and protection)!
A new twist on the maid-plot. Expect lots of underwear jokes and masked men shouting. And if it's not one of those two things, it's totally bizarre. And crudely drawn at that.

Neo Angelique Abyss: Apparently there are these plant-like creatures called 'Thanathos' that appear out of nowhere and then suck the life-force out of people! Lord Nyx, who is the director of the school that Angelique attends, is one of the rare individuals who can 'purge' the Thanathos out of this reality. He learns that Angelique has this ability too, and urges her to join his merry band of purgers. She is reluctant, but of course at that time there is a Thanathos attack against the school, and only Angelique can save her friends by using her powers!
Wide-eyed girl surrounded by pretty men, battling against some amorphous evil. I think I'd rather watch Pretear.

Allison & Lilia: Allison is a pilot in the airforce, and when she has to transport a training plane somewhere, she swings by the school where her friend stays. They take a drive through the country-side, and meet an old man who is full of stories -- most of them lies. He tells them he knows of a treasure that could end the ongoing hostilities between the two countries on the continent, but before he can give them more details, a man in black takes the old man away... Allison drags her bookish not-boyfriend along in pursuit!
The parallels with Cluster Edge are striking. But this time, it seems the creators were actually competent -- promises to be a good adventure story worthy of Indiana Jones.

Wagay no Oinari-sama: Noboru and Toru are part of a family of water priests. When an evil spirit targets Toru (because of the high water ki content of his soul), Noboru and Toru are called back to the main family stronghold/temple. As the power of the priests has waned over the years, there is only one solution: the fox spirit that has been sealed so many years ago must be released again to defend Toru! She accepts, and with her cunning help the family defeats the evil spirit. Noboru decides she shouldn't be re-sealed, and the fox spirit decides she will protect the two brothers from then on!
Another fox spirit anime, but this time the subject is handled more maturely. (And with 'more maturely', I actually mean 'less pantyshots'). Could be interesting, in a 'Spice & Wolf'-kind of way.
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