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Code Geass R2: We see Lelouch cavorting around school, with his brother. They sneak into a casino, and Lelouch gets into a chess match with a mobster. But then last few of the Black Knights attack, and CC finds Lelouch and gives him back the memories that were surpressed. Lelouch orders the Britannian troops to kill themselves (nothing much lost on that), and Zero is back!
More of the same, really -- but that isn't bad at all! But this time the Emperor will probably play a major role... Let's hope this series does have a resolution at the end.

Special A: Hikari's father taught her all sorts of moves from pro-wrestling -- but there is this one boy, Kei, that she couldn't beat... Now she is on the same school as him, and they are both part of the 'Special A' class: a special class for the top seven students in the school. They're the envy of the other students, but Hikari keeps on trying to out-do Kei. Kei is the top student, and keeps called her 'Number two', much to her irritation...
Took a few pages from Utena, a few pages from Mari-mite... as goofy as Lovely Complex. I'm not sure the combination works, though.

Soul Eater: Apparently there is a school for people who want to be a shinigami. And apparently some people (or other type of creature -- I'm not sure) can turn into the weapons they wield. As a proof of ability, the 'weapon meisters' have to kill 99 evil humans and 1 witch, and feed all their souls to the weapon -- after which it will become some sort of super-weapon.
The animation is very basic, but the fights are nicely choreographed. And there is a lot of goofiness. If I had to guess, I'd say it's a second-hand version of Bleach.

Vampire Knight: Cross Academy has two kinds of classes: the Day Classes, populated by humans, and the Night Class, populated by... vampires. Cross has found a way to feed vampires with special tablets, and the vampires in the school are 'pacifists' -- but still the humans have to be kept at a distance when the vampires are at their strongest at night. Yuki and Zero, the two prefects, have to keep the two groups apart, before accidents happen...
Nicely animated, but the vampires are ridiculously powerful. And the way they all lust after Yuki (or maybe even rather her blood) is creepy.
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