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One new series today!

Zettai Karen Children: Three young ESPers are treated like weapons of mass destruction. They are under the watchful (and indulgent) eye of an organisation called BABEL, and get sent to and fro to battle rogue ESPers (like a leather-gay who shoots beams from his crotch that turns things into metal upon impact...). But when they're not needed, their 'limiters' keep them from using the full range of their power.
Koichi is an employee of BABEL who returns from a research stint somewhere outside of Japan, and he gets involved with the current case. He manages to win the girls' trust and coaches them towards defeating the bad guy. With this proven success, Koichi is then made into the supervisor of the three girls.
The character designs and animation aren't even that good, but it's a lot of fun to watch. Obviously Koichi has to win the girls over to his side, and obviously there is some Bad Guy organisation who is out to spoil the fun. This series should provide unpretentious and plain fun.
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