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Trackable collectibles

Some time ago, I decided to step away from collectibles. I asked myself: "Do all these things make my life better?" Mostly, the answer was 'no', and I decided to use my resources for things that do enhance my life more.

I have a few modest collections. For instance, the Everway 'Spherewalker' cards. Or two binders full of shitajiki. Or geocoins. All of those are fun, and nice to look at. But when I think of the investment in money and time, I think I'll enjoy my small collection and not let it grow any larger.

But when we were at the GME and I pawed through a box of geocoins that someone had brought along to 'discover', we saw some very, very nice geocoins. So I ordered two sets of two geocoins (one to keep, one to trade or to let it travel) -- I guess it's OK to splurge on unnecessary things once in a while.

I bought the Templar Geocoin:

I especially like the old-gold finish, the medieval look of the sigil, and the combination of the 3D effect and the shiny red enamel.

We also ordered the Eureka Geocoin:

In this coin, I like the two-tone 3D GPS satellite (yes, they look like that) and the fact that the rim has indentations in the abstracted shape of the satellites. Also, which isn't apparent from the photo, it is possible to 'flip' the inner circle in the outer circle -- if you look closely, you can see the hinges at the top and bottom.

I've activated two (one of each), which will go into the coin pouches. The other two will remain un-activated and will be available for trade later on.
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