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Finished series: Hitohira

We've finished watching Hitohira. My first episode review is here.

Mugi is a very shy girl, and so when she enters highschool she sort of clings to her friend from middle school. But when she goes to see if she passed the entrance exam, she shouts out in enthusiasm when her number is on the list of accepted students. Her voice attracts the attention of some members of the theatre club.
Well, not actually the theatre club, but a theatre club -- this school has two, with a fight between the two chairpersons resulting in a schism in the original theatre club.

Mugi gets pressured into joining the 'Drama Research Club', which is run by Nono, who is in the third year. She has two other third year students in her club, and one of them pressures her brother into joining as well -- rounding out the number of members in the club to five. All this would be nice and dandy if Mugi wasn't so shy and has (because of that) a dreadful case of stage fright...

The three sempai used to be members of the regular Drama Club. But it turns out that Nono has trouble with her voice -- she needs to keep quiet, or else risk losing her voice completely. Her best friend, the president of the Drama Club, wanted her to lie low and take it easy, but Nono refused to stop acting. This resulted in a huge fight, and Nono formed her own club, with two of her friends coming over with her.
As such, there is a strange emphasis on voice excercises, and not on actualy, you know, acting. Nono makes a big thing out of being able to project your voice all through the theatre, and she constantly pushes Mugi to overcome her stage fright.
Obviously, that doesn't work too well, and Mugi kind of blows up during a summer camp. It takes a bit of to and fro for everyone to see the position of the other. Nono starts being a bit more diplomatic, and Mugi manages to find comfort in the support of her sempai and actually goes out on stage to act. In the end, Nono and the other president even make up, just before they graduate.
And when the three sempai graduate, the Drama Research Club disbands, leaving Mugi to decide what to do with her new-found confidence.

Designs are good, but not awe-inspiring. The animation is decent, but not spectacular. And the subject matter itself is pretty 'mundane' too. There's not much to say about good or bad points -- this is as middle-of-the-road as it gets. It gets a 6 from me.
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