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Finished series: Black Blood Brothers

We've finished watching Black Blood Brothers, another series that I failed to write a first-episode review of.

Jirou and Kotaro are vampires, the last two of an ancient and noble blood-line. Ten years ago, Jirou fought in a war amongst vampires in Hong Kong to eradicate the so-called 'Kowloon Children'. These types of vampires can infect other vampires -- one bite and you'll become one of them, and go beserk! The very existence of the Kowloon Children threatens every vampire on earth.
The top brass amongst the vampire world moved from Hong Kong to somewhere in Japan, in a 'Special Zone' where the vampires co-exist with unsuspecting humans. Every vampire is welcome there, there are even human intermediaries in human-vampire relations. Every vampire is welcome... except the Kowloon Children, obviously!
In order to show Kotaro something of the world, Jirou takes him to the Special Zone. But wouldn't you know: those pesky Kowloon Children are looking to infiltrate the Special Zone and take their revenge on Jirou!

Basically, that is the plot. Sure, there's an intermediary involved, and she and Jirou get an uncomfortable dynamic going on, but that's it. The rest is all about vampires being cool and using their l33t vampire powers to defend the Special Zone from the Kowloon Children. What with 12 episodes, there isn't much time for more.

The animation is passable, but not very detailed. The backgrounds are all rather generic (grey concrete city ftw!). The character designs are also pretty basic. It seems like a straight adaptation from a (part of) a manga, without any of the polish.

Good points:
- Basic story that is easy to get into;
- Vampires being cool.
Bad points:
- Rather basic plot;
- Rather basic animation.

I'll give it a 6. It's nothing special -- not bad, but there is so much better out there.
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