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ANN, the snake-tongued site

The AnimeNewsNetwork posted an interview with a fansubber -- TofuSensei, one of the top brass at long-time fansubbing group LiveEvil.

There is a definite slant in the questions the interviewer asks. He has that whole 'OMG fansubbing is killing the anime industry!!!111eleventy'-thing going on.
But the 'Anime Encyclopedia' contains series that haven't been licensed in the US yet. How do they know all those things? Why are people outside of Japan interested in things that are aired on Japanese TV right now? The answer is obvious: fansubs! And ANN provides the consumers of fansubs with the information they want. And they make money off the adverts that they show while doing it. And one third of the series they detail in their paper publication 'Protoculture Addicts' are unlicensed as of yet (according to their own encyclopedia).

Either you declare fansubs to be evil and only publish information that is pertinent to R1 licenses, or you don't blame the people who actually drive traffic to your site and hence pay your bills.
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