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I've played through the other two Doom episodes that xaviar_nl co-authored, Eternity and Infinity. Very good fun, if somewhat more challenging that the Serenity episode.

After that, I looked around at how to get my gaming fix on my PC, and I stumbled across a recommendation for The Battle for Wesnoth, so I checked it out. It's an open-source turn-based strategy game, but you wouldn't know that from looking at it: the graphics are really good, and it comes with network play and all.
To circumvent iffy licensing issues, the makes allow everyone to create new map packs or campaigns, and they put 'em on a separate server where you can download those files from -- so the authors of the maps don't have to sign their copyrights over to the creators of the game itself. However, Wesnoth needs a good package management or something like that -- I downloaded a beginner's campaign ('An Orcish Incursion'), but when I try to play it, I get an error because a certain type of unit is unknown. I have to download another expansion that contains that unit, but there is no indication as to what expansion contains that unit. And I'll be damned if I'm going to do my own dependency analysis!
Also, after playing a few games against the computer AI, I must conclude once again that strategic games are not really my forte.

Next up was Kobo Deluxe, a space shooter with simple rules. There are enemy space stations that are... a series of tubes. Each tube ends on a blue ball terminal (that houses anti-spaceship guns). If you shoot the terminal, the tube evaporates upto the point where it connects to another tube. In the middle of the station is a purple ball, which is the nexus. Shoot that, and the whole station evaporates! Add in various assorted flying enemies, and you get a really fast-paced and frantic game.
I am stuck in level 23 at the moment -- and while I'm getting slightly better every time, I'm still a long way from beating that level...

The cool thing is that all these games also work on Windows OS'es, too.
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