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I'm working right now...

One of our clients is migrating all of their (physical) machines in Den Bosch to virtual machines running on some super-duper computer core in Tilburg. It's been a project of a few months, and I helped them with reinstalling the software of TNJ on their new VMs -- upgrading and cleaning up the installation in the process. Our product is only one little cog in the whole chain, though.

This weekend, they are making The Switch. They have started at 18:00 this evening, and I am on call. If something happens that they can't fix (which shouldn't occur, but you never know), they will call me, and maybe I can help them.
I got their migration plan in the mail -- all 21 pages of it. The list of people who are involved in the operation this weekend is about 45 people long, and there are all sorts of 'go/no-go' decisions at every step, and rollback scenario's and crisis-management in the case of a no-go.

According to the plan, I should receive a notification when they're done for the night, but so far I haven't heard anything from them. I even checked whether the phone number in their contact list is the right one, but that checked out OK. I'm not sure which batch of 'standby-people' I'm in, but this could go on until midnight according to their schedule.

I can leave the phone with klik and take that shower anyway, I guess.

Edit: We went to sleep around midnight. Half an hour later I got a status-update via SMS. Some things went OK, some things took more time -- so they are back at it since half an hour now, apparently. No panic calls yet -- but then again the actual users are going to test from 13:00 onwards. There are 10 users scheduled to test our part of it. We'll see.
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