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Finished series: El Cazador de la Bruja

We've finished watching El Cazador de la Bruja. My first episode review is here.

It's another helping of Noir, basically. There's the naive young girl (this time in the person of Ellis), there's the bounty hunter/professional killer (this time in the person of Nadie), and there are people after them. But this time, the setting is not the streets of Paris or some South American jungle, but Mexico. And this time the pair is chased by scientists and witches.

Ellis is accused of murdering the scientist Heinrich Schneider, but she doesn't know for sure -- of course she lost part of her memories of the incident. Ever since then, bounty hunters are on her case. One of those is Nadie, but she has a special mission: gain the trust of Ellis and keep her safe. Nadie gets Ellis out of a hot spot, after witnessing some sort of mysterious power that Ellis has, and together they travel to find the origins of the 'Rosa del Inca', a gemstone with mysterious properties.
Along the way, they run into the same people a lot: there's this creepy boy with the strangling cord and the silent bounty hunter who looks after a girl. And there is a large cast of characters that play a role for an episode of two -- but this being some sort of 'road movie', they never stay into focus for long.

As for the plot -- it's not really important. Yes, Ellis has a Mysterious Past that she has Forgotten, but as with all Bee Train/Noir-like series, it is all revealed in the end through flashbacks that would have completely short-circuited the series if the main character had them 25 episodes earlier. There is the Shady Organisation (this time spearheaded by a guy who is evil in a laid-back kind of way) -- there are actually two! And both hunt for Ellis' secret powers! And Nadie manages to protect her by killing the assailants in a stylish way! Even the music is pretty much the same.

By now you know if you want to see it or not. If you liked Noir and Madlax, you will like this too, because it is pretty much exactly the same. By now we're getting a tad tired of the endless retreading of the same plot, though.

Good points:
- It's almost exactly like Noir!
Bad points:
- Come on guys, think of something original!

I'll give it a 6.5.
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