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Back in the day, I played a lot of Doom -- who didn't? I was pretty good at it too, actually. But I never made the transition to true 3D games where you also had to aim vertically, using a mouse. Having grown up with an MSX, I was very much used to using a keyboard for my gaming. Using a mouse just didn't work well for me. Only now that I can use a Wiimote to point at the screen are FPS'es interesting to me again.

Anyway, I managed to break my MAME installation, and to have something to do, I installed lxDoom, a Linux port of Doom. I played through the shareware levels recently, and so I started to look around on the net for good Doom levels for single player.

I did manage to find the Doom level I made in '95. Back then, I was still part of the events committee of Thalia, the student association for computer science in Nijmegen. One of the things we wanted to do was a Doom Deathmatch competition. To give everyone an even footing, we decided that the deathmatch should be done in a new level that nobody knew, and with the three of us, we set to designing one. I did most of the work on the 386 that my father gave me, with DEU.

I opened the level, and I was actually mildly surprised at how good it all looked -- in my memories, the level was pretty crude and unsubtle, but I guess it wasn't so bad after all.
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