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More on chocolates

The chocolates with coffee turned out great. Three colleagues spontaneously and independently mentioned Lindt chocolates when they tasted them -- I guess with a few tries I managed to reach the level of 'master chocolatier'. (As if! :P)
There was only one problem: they were more like iced bonbons than chocolates. When they came out of the fridge they were firm and tasted great, but as the day progressed they became more and more soggy and drab. Next time, I will add more cream to the coffee mixture, and use it as a filling for chocolates.

Speaking of filling chocolates, I ordered more chocolate forms from the Italian company who manufactures them, because the Imperial mold I have now has a little 'crater' at the top that makes it hard to use it for filled chocolates.

I still have to make the ganache.
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