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Coffee chocolates - the reprise

I took part of the chocolates to work today. They were a huge success.

Tonight, I put the instant coffee in some cream (the type you use for whipped cream -- except unwhipped of course) and heated that. Then I melted the chocolate into that, and it worked wonderful. Apparently the comparable fat content made for a good mixture. To my surprise, a single-cup instant espresso dose is enough for a lot of chocolate -- it does have that coffee-tang to it now. The first batch of chocolates is in the fridge now.

I never drink coffee, because I don't like the taste. But I do love the smell, and I do like coffee in candy (such as chocolates). Yeah, I'm weird, but I still prefer tea.

Speaking of which... We have a chocolate cookbook, and it contains a recipe for tea ganache. When I came home today, klik had already left for her gala, and the four chocolates I left in the fridge were gone -- but in its stead was a packet of couverture, with a note saying that I should use it for tea ganache!
So now I am thinking. Sure, I could use our regular Keemun house-tea, but I could also go for a blend containing the extra-tangy Lapsang Souchon. But since that is an 'acquired taste'...

So, what would you prefer?
Poll #1138546 Ganache!

Which tea?

Lapsang Souchon-blend
Another tea, which I will tell you about in the next question

Which other tea?

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