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Finished series: Code E

We've finished watching Code E. My first episode review is here.

Chinami Ebihara has a secret: she radiates waves that scramble electronics. She doesn't have a cellphone, because it would simply break or refuse to work when she would try to use it. Her father, who is a writer, has all of his computers set up in the basement, all taped shut with tinfoil so that Chinami's power won't scramble his latest writings!
Obviously, with electronics and electricity everywhere, Chinami is in a bit of a bind. Which is why her family moves every so often: when someone figures out what is going on, the family just picks up and moves to some other place, to protect Chinami from too inquisitive types.

The series starts out with Chinami attending class at her new school. She is careful to map out the whole building, and mark large concentrations of electrical equipment -- so that she knows which areas to avoid! Her biggest surprise is the Science Club room, which is filled from floor to wall with computers and other sensitive eletronic equipment! Her classmate Kotaro Kannagi is the president (and sole member) of the Science Club, and he notices Chinami immediately. Back in the classroom, when everybody is away, he asks Chinami to let him experiment on her body, because he is interested in her ability!
The next day, Chinami explores the neighbourhood, and she finds a vegetable shop without any electronic equipment -- and it turns out to be run by the Kannagi family! Kotaro meets her there, and convinces her that he can help her become happy. With careful experimentation, he might be able to find a way to supress Chinami's ability, allowing her to blend in with the rest of humanity.

And so Chinami becomes Kotaro's lunch-time science project -- much to the dismay of Sonomi, who has a huge crush on Kotaro, but he totally lacks the interpersonal skills to recognise that. Soon, Sonomi is let in on the secret, and she assists Kotaro in administering tests (and making sure Chinami doesn't get any funny ideas).
The level of EM-waves emitted is proportional to Chinami's emotional state. If she is calm, there is only a low-level background 'hum', but when she is embarassed or excited, the level of interference she gives off rises dramatically. Kotaro builds a tiny device that alerts her to her EM-levels, so that she knows when to calm herself.
Another of her classmates discovers her ability: Yuma Saihashi has the same ability, though much less powerful. She trains Chinami (unbeknownst to Kotaro and Sonomi) in controlling her emotions. And then there are the spies who are after her, because of her ability (though what the practical applications of such a power would be, is beyond me).

Soon, a love-triangle between Sonomi, Kotaro and Chinami appears, and obviously Kotaro says all the wrong things. Due to the heavy emotional stress, Chinami loses her ability -- but when the whole class goes to the summer school in a new town where everything is monitored and regulated by GPS and RFID, things start to go wrong... And then the series ends.

That's right, it just ends after 12 episodes, in what seems to be the middle of the story. There are important characters who don't even receive a name, leave alone that we, the audience, knows what they are up to and why!
That aside, the animation is decent, and the voice acting is good -- though some characters are quite over-the-top, but that fits their personality. The opening theme is very nice -- Studio Deen made an intro with a solid nod to their earlier Read or Die OVA, though the series itself isn't as exciting as the intro suggests. The ending theme is sung (I think) by Chinami's voice actress -- and it does sound a little thin...

Good points:
- Interesting premise;
- Set in the world of tomorrow, with some interesting gadgets.
Bad points:
- Kotaro has no nose!
- Completely leaves you hanging in mid-air!

All in all, a 5.5 -- competently executed, but the lack of ending completely kills it.
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