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Finished series: Minami-ke

We've finished watching Minami-ke, of which I seem to have failed to write a first episode review.

The series is about the every day lives of the three Minami sisters. There is the gentle Haruka, a high-school student who looks after her two younger sisters and who does all the household chores. The middle sister is Kana, who is both idiotic and energetic (a stereotype we saw used to great effect in Azumanga Daioh's Tomo). The youngest sister is Chiaki, who has, as they say, 'low bloodpressure' -- which is to say she quite moody. Because they're quite stereotypical, the series takes maybe half of an episode to introduce the three main characters, and then it's off...!

Most of the comedy comes from the totally opposing Kana and Chiaki, with Haruka just smiling and standing by. But the sisters rake up a cast of weird characters too. For instance, a girl that Chiaki 'adopts' as younger brother. Or a classmate of Chiaki who becomes enamoured with Haruka and starts wearing girls' clothing in order to be closer to her. Or a classmate of Kana's who is in love with her, but due to Chiaki's "advice" he gets attacked instead. Or a cousin of the three girls who only comes by when his girlfriend kicks him out of the house. Or a member of the volleyball club at Haruka's school who wants her to join who has some really weird fantasies involving him and Haruka...

There's no plot, but there are some recurring themes, such as who is the bully of the school, or the gender-bending fun some of their friends have at their house. Other than that, it's very episodic, but in this case that doesn't hurt the series at all. It sets out to be a bishoujo comedy, and it certainly delivers.
However, towards the end the stereotypes become a little too stereotypical, and the usual Kana-Chiaki dynamic starts to feel a bit tired. Good thing the supporting cast can pick up the slack by then.

Technically, there is little wrong with the series. Character designs are nice but not very detailed, but that's OK because the focus of the series is not on the designs or the animation. Still, the animation is quite good, though low-key, as is to be expected from a slice-of-life series. Some scenes are notable exceptions, in that they are animated quite dynamically. The voice acting is superb, and the voice actors deliver their lines with great timing.

Good points:
- Funny comedy;
- Really low-key, relaxing stuff.
Bad points:
- Stereotypical main characters;
- Animation is servicable, but not stellar.

All in all, a 7.
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