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Email woes

OK, so I installed Eudora I've been using Eudora for years, and I like it -- it's simple, it does what I need from an email-program, nothing more, nothing less. I don't like being handheld by, say, Outlook ('Oh no! This text-file that you're trying to open may contain lots of scary viruses! AAARGH!') -- I know what I'm doing, I don't need Uncle Bill to tell me what I should do when reading mail.

I've been trying to get Eudora to send plain text mail (HTML mail is a tool of the devil), but so far, no luck. I've set every option I could find (even the 'send plan text only' variant) but it still seems to insist on sending HTML mails... I've checked out Pegasus mail too, but that doesn't have the clean, simple interface Eudora has, and I have to click through a dialogue every time I want to do something simple like writing a reply...

So, my question is thus:
- Can anyone tell me how to wrangle Eudora so that it will allow me to send plain text mails?
- Or, failing that, does anyone have any recommendations for a good mail program that has rules-based filtering, multiple folders/mailboxes and a clean, simple interface?

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