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Finished series: Lovely Complex

We've finished watching Lovely Complex. My first episode review is here.

Risa is tall -- 1.70m, to be precise. Tall, but not freakishly so. And Otani, her friend, is short -- 1.56m, to be precise. Short, but not freakishly so. Until you see them together! They constantly bicker, and their teacher likens them to a comedic duo.
But it turns out they have the same temperament: they like the same things (most of all: rapper Umibouzo!), and when they try to have a double-date with a boy (whom Risa fancies) and a girl (whom Otani fancies), they end up spending more time going down the water-slide together than talking to their respective romantic interests -- who end up being a couple too!

Obviously, any remarks to the effect that they would make a great pair from their friends really hit the wrong nerve, until Risa realises that she does like Otani. But when she gathers all her courage and confesses to him, Otani tells her that he has trouble seeing her as a romantic interest after being friends with her for so long.
And so Risa decides to make Otani hers. But she will have to take a bumpy road: there is Otani's ex-girlfriend who is very cute and who wants to get back in touch with him. There is Otani's neighbour, who is a model (and as tall as Risa!) who has been bringing Otani milk every day so that he would grow taller. There is the co-worker boy who falls for Risa...
But most of all, there is Otani himself, who slowly comes to realise that he has been taking Risa for granted, and that she means more to him than he did think at first. But by then the pressure has been brought on by all of their friends, so then he is embarassed to admit his feelings for her...

So it's a bumpy road, but this series is a love comedy, not a love drama. Which is a good thing: most of the 'threats' to the relationship between Otani and Risa are resolved in one or two episodes, which makes the series refreshingly drama-free! Yes, there is some drama and angst, but this always takes the backseat when there is some potential for comedy. And the comedy is where the series shines. The jokes don't feel forced, and they're subtle and surprising. It's genuinely funny.

The animation is pretty basic. The character designs are nice but not overly detailed, but when the situation warrants it, the faces get abstracted etcetera -- though the animators never go for that over-used staple of the super-deformed antics.
The voice acting is really good. The series is set in Osaka, so we get lots of Osaka accent (which is funny in it's own right), and especially Risa's voice actress can make Risa's emotions be heard. Both Risa and Otani have a wide range of emotions and associated speech patterns, and they're delivered with flawless timing and feeling.

Good points:
- Funny!
- Romance without over-large helpings of drama;
- Great voice acting.
Bad points:
- Basic animation and character designs.

All in all, an 7.5. A series that hit all the notes that it set out to hit -- but the score could have been higher if the animation had been a tad better.
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