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Finished series: Sola

We've finished watching Sola. My first episode review is here.

Yorito has an interesting hobby: he makes photographs of skies. One night, when he is ready to take a picture of the bay when the sun just comes up, he meets Matsuri, a girl who is (at that moment) embroiled in a fight with a vending machine. He helps her out, but then misses the opportunity to take the perfect picture.
He meets Matsuri again later -- it turns out that she is vulnerable to bright light! Yorito takes her home, so she can hide from the guy who is pursuing her, and Matsuri really likes his collection of sky-photos. Yorito vows to show her a real sky someday, but when he returns from shopping, Matsuri has dissapeared!

The long and short of it is that Matsuri is some sort of vampire -- she is immortal, can't go out in the sunlight, and she has some sort of magic that she can use. And she and Yorito go waaay back -- turns out that Aono, Yorito's moody sister, is actually one of those vampires too: Matsuri 'infected' her when Aono commited suicide when the original Yorito was killed in a mudslide.

Wait... did I write 'original Yorito'? Yes, I did. The Yorito of today is actually a magical construct, infused with Yorito's memories! And Aono can't forgive Matsuri for what she did, while Matsuri can't forgive Aono for making such a mockery of her fondness for Yorito!

Lots of drama ensues, interspersed with a few action scenes. It seems compulsory these days to give every bishoujo series a very dark undertone indeed!
Technically, there is little to gripe about. The series is executed quite competently. The main draw are the character designs, which are cute without being too much -- but then again, that might be a matter of taste.

Good points:
- Really interesting back-plot;
- A bishoujo series with a strong-willed male lead!
Bad points:
- The drama is a bit overdone at times.

The cute girls wouldn't be enough to keep me captivated throughout the series, but the backplot certainly made it an interesting view. I'll give it a 7.

And I shouldn't let my review queue build up so long, because it's hard to remember details months after having finished a series... But then again, I find it hard to motivate myself to write reviews.
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