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Some more new anime:

Koharu Biyori: Boy buys android-maid to do his housekeeping. Or rather... to dress her up in all sorts of skimpy outfits, of which he has quite a few! Pervy cosplay seems to be the name of the game. This being an OVA, they get away with a lot more than one could show in a TV show. Over the top.

They are my noble masters: Teenage brother (Ren) and sister (Mihato) run away from home, from their abusive father. They look for a live-in job in the city, without much success. Until Ren rescues a girl who falls unconscious in the heat of the summer -- she turns out to be the sister of a famous conductress (a perky teenage goth girl, obviously). They take her home, and meet an unlikely cast of servants -- and get a job as live-in servants as well.
Nothing much but set-up in the first episode, but could prove to be fun, though slightly less zany than Hayate.

True Tears: Shinichiro is the son of a sake brewer. His classmate Hiromi lives with him and his parents, after her father (a friend of Shinichiro's father) died. She is the idol of the school, and even though he lives in the same house, Shinichiro finds it hard to approach her -- he has to contend himself with dreaming and drawing. But one day at school he encounters Noe, a weird girl who 'curses' him. The curse gets lifted, but an off-handed remark by Noe is exactly the same phrase Shinichiro had dreamt about when drawing...
Quite well drawn, and it has a slow, small-town charm to it. Obviously there will be adventure and romance as well.

Spice and Wolf: A trader makes the rounds from city to village and back. He visits a village where the last of the harvest is being brought in -- a reason for the harvest festivities, which are surrounded by folklore about a giant wolf that blessed the grain. But with advances in science and agriculture, humans don't need the wolf-god to protect their crops anymore, and the 'worship' of the wolf-spirit has turned into a quaint local custom.
Which is why the wolf-spirit decides to materialise herself as a wolf-girl, and hitch a ride with the trader to get back to her native lands up north. Obviously, this takes some getting used to by the trader, but he decides to let her come with him anyway.
Nicely drawn, set in a vaguely Bavarian-like countryside in the 1700s. The differences and similarities between the wolf-spirit and the trader will probably provide a nice dynamic as the backdrop for their journey.

Persona - Trinity Soul: Based on one of the RPGs, I guess. On the surface, the story is about a boy and his brother who go to live with their elder brother who works as a policeman. His current case is about people whose bodies were turned inside-out (!), and some who were in a complete vegetative state. Add in weirdness like fighting with 'astral bodies' and a kid brother with a multiple personality disorder who channels his deceased twin sister, and you have a very intriguing set-up indeed. And it's quite nicely animated too!

Strait Jacket: After an experiment, it turned out that magic does work. So humanity has embraced magic in all its forms -- however, if you over-use magic, you'll turn into a mass-murdering demon. So 'molds' were made, to protect the magic user from corruption. But a terrorist organisation is sabotaging molds left and right, which means the occasional outbreak of demons, with a lot of casualties. The combat mages have special molds so they can wield extra-powerful magic to defeat the demons -- most of them are licensed by the Bureau of Magic Affairs, but Steinberg is a free agent. When there is no other choice, he gets sent into a hospital where a demon is rampaging, with the obvious amount of collateral damage...
Well-drawn, but the blood spatters everywhere when the demons turn up!
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