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OK, after this I'll shut up about Harry Potter

It turned out that Björn and Gert were a bit late because they had cruised all over Utrecht in hopes of finding the new Harry Potter book -- unsuccesfully. When they came to us and saw the book lying on the table they were a bit jealous, so Ingeborg took Gert to the supermarket where they still had 10 copies in stock. Result: One happy couple of book-owners.

We started off with Krypto, a game Catelijne brought with her. You get dealt five numbered cards and you have to construct a mathematical formula that results in a certain target number. The person who gets it first, wins a point. Of course, I completely suck at doing quick calculations, so I didn't win a single point. Now I'm seriously considering using my recently re-found Prolog skills to write a program that solves problems of this kind for me, to prove to myself that I'm not a total idiot.
We also played Pueblo, which was new to our guests. It's a fun game, but I haven't been able to really work out a good strategy yet.

We didn't know what to make for dinner (it must be vegetarian, no cheese, no nuts, no beans or soja -- that pretty much removes everything we regularly make from the list), so we put out bread baking machine to good use: we baked three breads and made or bought an ungodly amount of salads, vegetables, sweets, cheeses, pates (both vegetarian and containing meat) etc. Everybody had a good meal to their own preferences/dietary requirements.

After a game of Cartagena and Machiavelli, people started leaving. But after a few minutes the phone rang again: Catelijne had borrowed her parents' car, and both headlights didn't work. She came back and we looked at it together. This wasn't helped by the booklet of the car not being in the car (we had to cajole her father to tell us what we needed to know). When we finally had figured out how to get the lights out, we discovered that the right lamp wasn't in the package of spare lamps that were in the car. We also tried changing the fuses, but that didn't work either.
Some guy who came by helped us a bit. He theorised that it was the actual switch itself that was broken (because two fuses don't blow at the same time, and two lights don't burn out at the same time either -- it's too much of a coincidence). In the end, Catelijne stayed over.

Now we're just chilling a bit. I love days like this.

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