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In the end, the open culture wins out

Some people don't like foreigners. There are a few political movements who made a big point out of it -- one party even has only anti-islam standpoints. It's been a hot topic for quite a few years.

One of the issues is the possibility to bring a spouse to the Netherlands. Young men and women from Turkish or Morrocan descent, who were born here in the Netherlands, bring a spouse from their parents' homeland to the Netherlands. The case against this is twofold:
- We get more foreigners into the country; and
- It reinforces the 'closed group' of foreigners within the country, thereby diminishing they assimilation into Dutch society.

A news article today caught my eye: Importbruid slecht voor relatie (sorry, Dutch only). The gist of the article is that young men of Turkish descent actually don't want a bride from Turkey anymore, because of the difference in culture. Apparently the openness of the Dutch culture has its draws to them, and a bride that can not appreciate or adapt to that culture will put a strain on the relationship.

I think that certain ethnic in-crowds can not be assimilated, no matter what you do. But there are several important advantages to the open Dutch culture -- and if you live here long enough, you don't want to go back to the closed culture of your parents' homeland. The generation that is ready to get married and have kids is only the second or third generation to live here. I predict that it will take only a few generations more to completely break up the largest blocks of these ethnic in-crowds, making them even more penetrable for the Dutch culture.
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