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The Hello Experiment

Anyone who was alive in '84 knows the Lionel Richie song 'Hello'. It was a huge hit, and looking back, I can't imagine why -- if there ever was a sappy pop song, it's 'Hello'. But then again, the 80's were not big on good taste anyway. I think the most appealing aspect of the song was the video clip to accompany it.

Cable TV and MTV were a relatively new phenomenon, and so pretty much anything with a cool video clip came by ever so often, and it generated a lot of buzz. The clip for 'Hello' was sappy and romantic, which made it popular -- and because the song was popular, the clip was shown often, creating some sort of positive feedback loop to propell the song into absolute hitdom.
I think I once slow-danced to this song during a party, with a very popular girl from my class when I was in my first year of VWO... But I might be mistaken, because thinking back I wonder how the hell that could have happened.

In the clip, Lionel Richie pines for a blind girl from a distance. She is a sculptor, and she sculpts a perfect rendition of Lionel's face with clay -- from merely running her hands over his face once!

The time had come to conduct a scientific enquiry as to the plausibility of the events portrayed in the video clip! A group of sculptors were shown a photograph of '84-era Lionel and then blindfolded. They had to sculpt Lionel's face, with the song on repeat on a CD player: The Hello Experiment.
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