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Finished game: Red Steel

This evening, I finished Red Steel, one of the launch games for the Nintendo Wii. Basically, it's a first-person shooter, with some sword-fighting (via a stylised motion system) thrown in.

You play as an American, Scott, who falls in love with Miyu, a Japanese girl. Miyu just happens to be the daughter of Sato, a Yakuza boss, and of course one of his underlings starts making trouble during the first time you meet your would-be father-in-law! He kidnaps Miyu, wounds Sato and then leads you on a wild goose-chase through L.A., Tokyo and some remoter areas...

My thoughts:
- The Wii really works for FPS. Pointing the Wiimote to the screen and pulling the B-trigger really gives you the right feel. Zooming in and out really helps with aiming too.
- The sword fights were a bit of a downer. Instead of swinging the Wiimote around as if you're wielding a sword, you merely swing the Wiimote and the nunchuck around in a stylised manner.
- You learn all sorts of cool sword-moves, but pulling those off in an actual fight is a bit of a challenge. And it turns out that your opponents are all very susceptible for the 'death of a thousand little cuts' anyway...
- The 'focus-time' ('bullet-time' where you can do some precision-shooting) is nice, but I rarely used it.
- Cardboard boxes stop bullets. Even if they're fired from high-powered assault-rifles. Frozen tuna, however, does not stop bullets.
- Head-shots FTW!
- The level designs are refreshingly linear. There's only one way you can go, so there's no chance of missing things. Just follow the path, and you'll see it all.
- The French seem to have a very weird idea of how the Yakuza works. There's no chance in hell a head of a Yakuza-clan would entrust the ceremonial katana of his clan to an American he only met that day. And apparently the Yakuza have infiltrated all aspects of Japanese life -- and there are no normal people to be found, only Yakuza soldiers.
- Speaking of which: everyone has a gun. They all have to die.
- If you're about to be confronted with a sword, you will have a swordfight. Even though you have enough ammo in both your guns to win a small war. Pulling an Indiana Jones is impossible.

All in all, I've had good fun. I must have finished the game in about 20 hours of play-time.
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