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Weird Wii games

One of the games we have for the Wii is Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08 -- we bought it because klik liked the golf game in Wii sports so much. It is a real golf simulator, with some nice touches. Certainly more of a game than the golf in Wii sports.

The game allows you to create your own golfer, tweaking several parameters in the face and overall build. Very hard to get a golfer that looks like you (or someone you know). Dragging some of the indicators to an extreme gets you various freakish faces. I strongly suspect Michael Jackson redesigned his face with this...
Also, when you tee off, you get some shouted comments from the (invisible) audience. There is this one guy who screams things like "IN THE HOLE!" and "I LOVE THIS GAME!" at the top of his voice, quite distinctly audible over the murmur of the other audience members. It amuses me more than it probably should.
Also, it is a perfect game for pirates. When we play together, we're always saying things like "Parrrr, matey!"
And monday, one of our colleagues, who does play golf, is coming to see if his real-life skills carry over into the game. :)
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