Hein (fub) wrote,

An explanation of my interests

Because I can, stolen from luna_puella:

80's: I grew up in "the decade style forgot". I still get nostalgic for 80's stuffs sometimes.
80's wave: Of all musical styles that surfaced in the 80's, I like New Wave the best.
amber: Not the gemstone (though that's pretty too), but actually the series of books by Roger Zelazny and the associated Diceless Roleplaying Game.
animation: There's something appealing about experiencing the 'phi' phenomenon at work. ;)
anime: Animation is cool, but the Japanese put to to incredibly good use for storytelling, both in terms of visual style and the actual story.
board games: We really enjoy playing a good board game with friends. It's a very social activity with fun elements. Sure beats watching soccer together.
books: Perhaps my first true love.
carcassonne: In my opinion one of the best boardgames out there. The expansions really add to the experience as well, instead of merely re-discovering old ground.
cartagena: Amusing game of escaping pirates, with simple rules and complex tactics.
cocteau twins: A three-person band which makes great, haunting music.
computer games: I spent far too much time playing games on my MSX (later MSX-2) when I should have been making homework during my teens. I bought my PSX to play Metal Gear Solid, I bought the PS2 to play Metal Gear Solid 2.
computers: Perhaps my second true love. I distinctly remember banging out endless BASIC-programs on the P2000C my dad sometimes brought home, when I was 11.
continuum: The cleverest RPG I have, about 'genuine time travel'. Regular readers will have read some of my session reports.
dark wave: Dark Wave is New Wave, but just a little more edgy. These days, one would call it 'gothic' or something.
daydreaming: Another one of those activities I spent (and spend!) far too much time on. ;)
dune: Great series of books, though I doubt I got all the nuances when I read it as a fifteen-year old.
dvd, dvds: Digital video on an optical disc. A great combination of technologies.
fantasy, fantasy books: Some of it is real bad, but some of it is really great. Tends to open vistas to new worlds.
fiction: I live in reality all day, so I prefer fiction for my reading.
games: I'm a gamer geek. No two ways about it.
greek mythology: Greek gods behave like spoilt brats -- and perhaps they are.
hacking: Endlessly working to get that one thing just right...
iceland: Great country, overwhelming scenery. I wouldn't mind living there, but klik probably wouldn't come with me.
internet: My umbilical cord to the rest of the world.
j-pop: Sometimes energetic, sometimes quiet and beautiful. The language you only half understand makes you listen to the sounds instead of the text, which appeals to me.
j.r.r. tolkien: Prof. Tolkien, who singlehandedly created the fantasy genre.
japan: Great country, great people, despite its problems. Definately want to go back there.
japanese language: Because we tend to watch industrial amounts of anime, I picked up some Japanese...
manga: I'm not that much of a manga reader, but I enjoy a well-drawn story once in a while.
miyazaki: A great director and story-teller. His works range from mundane, every-day stories (like Whisper of the Heart) to the wildly fantastic (Princess Mononoke).
movies: Two hours of escapism, all neatly bundled up and ready for consumption.
mythology, myths: Perhaps the greatest fantasy stories ever told.
new wave: Right.
norse mythology: Completely different from the Greek mythology, focussing on necessity and duty.
photoshop: I completely suck at doing anything in Photoshop, but I do use it when I try to make another of my crappy icons.
reading: See: books.
roborally: A great boardgame, ideal for programmers. ;)
roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpg, rpg's: My third true love. Places to go, people to be...
rune, runes: Comes with the Norse mythology
sagas: Blood-drenched, square-jawed Vikings killing eachother.
science fiction: The other type of fantasy.
tea: My favourite beverage.
tolkien: See: j.r.r. tolkien
transhuman space: Another really clever RPG setting, set in 2100. The detail in the science and sociology is amazing, and it's all believable.
writing: I try to do this. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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