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Sinterklaas & rhymes

On a whim, I had bought chocolate capitals for the two colleagues who are in my project, plus for the key people at the client. I wrote Sinterklaas rhymes for them all, but that presented some unique challenges. Normally, the subject matter of those rhymes is pretty basic and down-to-earth -- but in a work/project context, it's mostly abstract concepts you want to write about.
So I had to think hard a few times -- what rhymes to 'budget'? Or 'specification'? I ended up rewriting a few sentences so that they at least ended on 'basic' words. Everyone got theirs today (sent the ones for the client people by mail yesterday), which is nice.

Also, after some futile attempts to make a nice-looking wooden enclosure for the random LED matrix for my dad, we use a plexi 'photocube' (which isn't cube-shaped at all...) and simply glued the thing on the inside with hot glue. Works remarkably well:

We advised my dad against trying to take it on a plane with him.
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