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Finished series: Ghost Hunt

We've finished watching Ghost Hunt. My first episode review is here.

Schoolgirl Mai has a hobby: telling ghost stories after school in a darkened classroom with her friends. But one of her classmates, who claims to be able to communicate with spirits and ghosts, says that these stories increase the amount of psychic energy and is therefore quite dangerous. It turns out that there is a legend about the old school building being cursed: it still hasn't been demolished, because of unexplained accidents...
The principal contracts Shibuya Psychic Research, a company fronted by a handsome, narcisstic boy who is about Mai's age, in an attempt to get to the bottom of it all. But 'Naru-chan' isn't the only one investigating: a buddhist monk, a shinto priestess, a catholic priest and a medium turn up as well -- and all are claiming they will have it all fixed up in no time at all! While they go about their various rites and ceremonies, Naru and Lin, his assistant, set up camera's all over the place. Mai then bumps into Lin, a camera breaks and Lin is wounded. To make amends, Mai is forced to work at Shibuya Psychic Research!

The case of the old school building is not the only one that is solved. And with every case, (almost) the whole cast is assembled: they each have their own speciality, and while there is a bit of good-natured quibbling (especially between the monk and the priestess), when it counts, these people watch out for eachother.
And they do get into some tense situations. While the first story seems to imply that there is no actual spiritual involvement, all of the other stories show that the supernatural does exist. And most of the time, the spirits are not too happy to be messed with -- which leads to quite a bit of danger for the crew. Especially for Mai, who is untrained to deal with such matters.

But it turns out that she has some hidden power as well: her dreams have a knack of coming true, and when she is taught a few incantations by the monk and the priestess, she is a tad better equipped to deal with the various intangible evildoers she encounters. And when her dreams are recognised as predictive, she becomes a much more active member of the gang.

There is quite a bit of progression in the stories: at first it's just a gang of mystics goofing off in a schoolbuilding, but the stories become more and more pressing and dangerous. There is a real sense of suspense, and some of the scenes really sent shivers down my spine. The atmosphere is ramped up to the max during the last story, which is set in some sort of Winchester Mystery House -- which is still actively haunted. A few people are even killed, which gives a real sense of urgency and danger.

Visually, the series is good but not stunning. Character designs are of a normal level compared to contemporary series. The voice acting is pretty good -- the voice actors must have had a good time making snide remarks at each others' characters. The opening theme is excellent -- done in a real good suspense theme.
But that is not why you should watch this series. You should watch it because it is a real good mystery/supernatural/suspense series, with gripping stories that ramp up the suspense masterfully.

Good points:
- Real good suspense stories;
- Good voice acting.
Bad points:
- Might not be your thing if you don't like horror/suspense;
- Character designs kind of plain.

All in all, an 8.5. A really interesting series that doesn't pull any punches.
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