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OK, so the reinstall of the new machine went smoothly. ASPI wasn't a problem afterwards -- perhaps the PlexTools fixed it for me, or perhaps those "Win2000 ASPI Drivers" CDex prompted me about were OK after all.
Anyway, the new machine is now set up as the router for the home network. I've dismantled my old machine and klik's old machine, swapped some hardware (harddisks, sound cards) and proceeded to install my old machine as her new one. It's now all set up, she's now setting up her desktop on her new machine.

When overhauling that machine, I noticed that the CPU fan had become rather clogged with dust -- that machine has stood under my desk for three years now, and whereas my desk isn't the neatest place in the house by a long stretch, underneath is certainly worse... I blew away the dust as good as I could, so now it should cool better. But sometimes you hear a sound as if the CPU fan is blocked by something. Perhaps it has become unbalanced or something.
Now I'm contemplating on investing a few hundred euros to get klik a new CPU -- but these days you can only get P4's, which means a new mobo and new memory as well. Not too expensive (looking at the various price lists), but it does add up. Perhaps we should see how it develops.
Does anyone know what the difference between a Celeron and a 'normal' P4? Can Celerons be put on a P4 mobo?

I'm thinking of making the old-old machine a Linux server. I have two HDD's left: one of 20 GB and one of 40 GB. That would make a perfect toy-machine and MP3-server...

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