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BlinkenLEDs -- the final frontier

This evening, I produced the final version of the firmware for the single-matrix BlinkenLEDs circuit. This one has it all.

If you recall, I have two sets of pins for buttons. I changed the firmware so that a push on button A will toggle between frame-mode and waterfall-mode.
Button B will change the speed. It starts off with a change every half second (which is recommended for frame mode). A push on button B will change it to a quarter of a second (recommended for waterfall mode). Another push on button B will change it to a full second (if you're the patient type). Another push will roll back to half a second.

Obviously, this post would be worthless without a link to a video. So... check it out. You can't see me pushing the buttons, but you'll notice the changes.

Also, if anyone has recommendations on which lighting conditions will capture both the shiny LED light and produce a relatively crisp picture, please enlighten me!
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