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LEDs are blinken...

Well, I got my LEDs blinken! I didn't put in any delay, so the updating speed is dictated by the time it takes to get 64 random bits out of the ORB while still multiplexing the matrix. I might build in a delay: change over every half second or so, because right now it could make some people restless.

Of course, there is a a YouTube video! A bit grainy, because of the lighting conditions on my desk -- I might make another version with better lighting.

Edit: As per merle_'s suggestion, I cut the number of lit LEDs in half, by making two sets of 64 random bits and ANDing those together. Statistically, about 25% of the LEDs will be lit, but the spread is much wider, which makes for much more attractive patterns. I also built in a delay to change the pattern only twice per second.
See the video of version 2 here.
Tags: electronics project

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