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Installing... again.

While trying to get ASPI working on my new machine, I broke the Windows installation. None of the three optical media drives was recognised anymore, which pretty much meant I had to re-install XP. And that meant I had to reinstall all the software I already had installed.
I didn't have much time this week, so I did little bits in between -- one of the links breyten posted might warrant a closer look, if stuff like this happens again. Now it's all installed again, but now the Internet Connection Sharing doesn't work. That's a problem with the old machine, because klik couldn't access the network from her machine either. The weird thing is, the machines can send data to eachother via Windows networking...
klik is at work now, and after a shower an a cup of tea I'll install the new machine as network router. That will also force me to clean up my desk a bit... it's long overdue. I have about six hours before klik's parents arrive to look at our wedding photos (which we got tuesday evening), so that should be do-able.

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