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Have you registered as a journalist yet?

rupertdaily sent me a link to a story of interest. Italian politicians have drafted a law that would require anyone who runs a blog to register at a government office as a journalist. Such a registration comes with fees and identification procedures.
The idea is that anyone can start a blog now, and write anything they want about any topic or anyone. And because of the anonymity of the internet, there is no-one to sue for libel or slander! Clearly, this Will Not Stand!

On one hand, it is a stupid plan. Blogs can easily be off-shored to somewhere else -- and then what? Also, when this law is enforced, it will make it impossible for whistleblowers to expose what needs to be exposed. And why would anyone who writes about their daily lives have to register?

But on the other hand, it would make bloggers journalists -- offering them also the same protections. And as far as I know, that means freedom of the press in Italy. Which means that bloggers would actually gain protection out of the deal.

What do you think? Would a register of 'journalistic bloggers' work? Who would qualify?
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