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New machine!

Monday, one of the sysadmins from work came over to help us with the final assembly of the new machine. klik was slightly miffed when I didn't want her to put in the chip, but when L. pulled out the chip and some 'feet' were bent out of shape. L. went to work to bend them back -- not something you want to do yourself. I was glad I could leave that to the pro, and ingiechan agreed later that it wasn't really something she wanted to do either.
After connecting various things (the IDE layout gave us some troubles -- apparently the RAID chip onboard didn't think the Maxtor HDD was fit to be considered as a candidate for RAIDing), we powered up the machine. To my surprise, it turned out that the power supply also had lights in it! No mention was made of that on the box... Not that I mind, it was just a surprise.

Since then, I've installed WinXP Pro and various software packages. Networking with XP proved to be a breeze: it's now connected to our home network, allowing me to pump various stuffs from my current machine to the new one. After everything's been transferred, I'll clean up the old one and reinstall it, so that klik can use it. Perhaps we'll do a "musical chairs" with harddisks as well -- this machine has 40 GB, ingiechan's current machine has 60 GB.
Saturday morning, when klik will have to work, I'll re-arrange the home network to make the new machine the router.

I am really pleased with this machine. I've experimented with burning DVDs as well, I'm having great fun. L. today told me that he's going to order the same case -- it doesn't make much noise and looks great! I especially like the blue lights at the front. Just that little extra touch. 8)

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