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New anime

More new anime!

Genshiken 2: The Genshiken gang is back with a vengeance! But instead of the usual geeky/dorky meanderings, there is actual plot advancement going on. Genshiken have been accepted as a seller at Comoket, and now they have to organise publishing their own doujinshi!
A fresh new plot with a well-established crew, and an advancement beyond the first season. Good fare.

Mokke: Two sisters live with their grandparents. The eldest can see spirits, while the youngest has a tendency to get possessed by these spirits -- and their grandfather is knowledgable in the ways of exorcism. The first episode has the youngest sister search for the 'seven flowers of autumn', and getting to places she shouldn't be. The eldest saves her, and is started on the path of becoming an exorcist herself.
Very quiet, small village slice-of-life stuff, with supernatural elements mixed in. It reminded us of Mushishi and the first part of Zettai Shounen. The designs and animation is much, much more basic though.

Clannad: Boy meets girl. They talk. Her parents turn out to run a bakery, and he visits them. Their warm family life makes him envyous: his mother died when he was young, his father is an alcoholic. Everyone has their own hidden insecurities and problems, and yet they form a bond.
Originally by Key, known from Kanon and Air -- so this will probably turn into a very interesting bishoujo story. Their work always has very intense undertones right underneath the pretty surface. One to watch, if you're into that sort of thing.
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