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It turns out that the 'theme' of this season is supernatural stuff that needs an agency or team to deal with it.

Night Wizard, the Animation: Hiragi wants nothing more than to go to school and graduate this year. But he is a wizard, and Angelot has him do battle with the demons from the red moon -- and that seriously interferes with his school-work! And when the new transfer student, Elis, turns out to be a wizard too, he get tasked with protecting her (presumably while she finds the rest of the seven jewels that have to go into the links of her mysterious bracelet).
Quite funny, well-made, quiet moments interspersed with action-packed battles. An interesting mix -- let's hope it doesn't turn into monster-of-the-week.

Blue Drop: Mari has to move out of her grandmother's house, and is sent to a high-class boarding school. She doesn't like it one bit, and when she shakes the hand of Hagino, she gets a flashback of what happened five years ago -- when she lost her parents and her memory. Hagino seems as if possessed, and tries to strangle her! And why is she going out at night?
Starts off normal enough, but then turns into some sci-fi suspense thriller. Made by GONZO, so it all looks gorgeous -- though the CGI is easier to spot than in some of their other work.

Suteki Tantei Labyrinth: After a big quake hit, most people have left Tokyo, leaving the city in ruins. And now strange things are happening, with mysterious murders striking fear into the hearts of those who stayed. Mayuki has a power that allows him to see the truth behind the mysteries, and he lives off in a mansion in a forest -- which is rumoured to be haunted as well. And what is it with the women his butler can summon to fight on his behalf?
A supernatural detective agency anime, it seems. Add a bit of high school life to the mix, and there you have it.

Kimikiss Pure Rouge: Mao returns from France, and starts to live with her childhood friend because her parents are still in Europe. There are some romantic implications, but he seems to be smitten by one of his classmates. And the other boy who used to tag along behind Mao has a set determination to get a girlfriend before the summer...
Romantic highschool story. And I hope that the multiple storylines will prevent it in turning into another Peach Girl or Bokura ga Ita. Looks quite good as well.

Rental Magica: Due to his father's dissapearance, Itsuki has taken over his company: a temp agency for magicians! He has shinto and celtic magicians in his staff, but he himself is pretty useless with magic -- until he takes off his eyepatch! And obviously, there are competitors in the magician rental business as well -- one of them is his classmate, and she is much more succesful than Itsuki's company...
Action-packed battles against supernatural monsters, interesting sleuthing, and cute character designs.
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