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New anime

More new anime!

Ef - a Tale of Memories: This one left us a bit confused. It's about this boy who meets a girl at the abandoned train station where he goes to read in peace -- or is it about the boy who meets a girl on christmas eve, and since she lost the keys to her house, she decides to stick around? And what is up with the people who lounge around on the pedestals of statues in the church, "waiting for someone"?
It all feels like a Makoto Shinkai movie, except it's a TV series. Add a lot of weird camera angles /effects / direction, and you get an intriguing mix. Let's hope it lives up to its promise.

Bamboo Blade: Deadbeat teacher who runs the Kendo club (which really consists of only a single girl) at his school makes a bet with a friend: he has to assemble a team of five girls to beat his friends' Kendo team. And so he searches for talented girls to join the club. There is one, actually -- but she lives in a dojo, and thus doesn't see the need to also practise Kendo at school too...
A bit weird: some of the character designs are... odd. And while two characters are discussing things in the foreground, meanwhile two other characters have an argument in the background. Seems funny enough -- but the character designs are a bit rough around the edges.

Little Princess Sara: Retro-sub, an anime remake of the Shirley Temple movie The Little Princess.

Dragonaut: After being the sole survivor of an accident with a sub-orbital spaceplane where he loses his whole family, Jin just drags himself from day to day. But then he witnesses some sort of monster killing a woman, and he has to run for his life! He is saved by a mysterious girl who chases the monster off. Oh, and then there is his best friend who donates his blood for a mysterious egg that turns out to be a dragon that is now bonded to him.
Like Pokémon, if Pokémon was written by Clive Barker on a sugar rush.

Kaiji: Loser Kaiji gets dragged in by the Yakuza because he co-signed a loan with a co-worker who has dissapeared without a trace. The only way to clear his debt is to get on board of a ship and gamble with other debtors in a high-stakes game of rock-paper-scissors!
Sounds very corny, but it is actually pretty intense. Kaiji isn't a very sympathetic main character, but the Yakuza are even worse... Also, the character designs are very basic, as if they were lifted from the manga without any further change.

Goshusho-sama Ninomiya-kun: Ninomya is a martial artist, yet he has a large problem: he has problems interacting with girls in a normal way. Then one day, his sister calls him to tell that they will be getting a new house-mate. It turns out to be sexy Mayu, who has a fear of men -- which is even more of a problem because she is a succubus and she can't control her men-attracting power!
Just how perverted can you get? Skimpy dresses galore, top-heavy girls everywhere, and a sister who is ready to catch it all on camera. You either will like it a lot, or you will hate it.
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