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New anime

The new season has arrived, and you know what that means: first episode reviews!

Myself, Yourself: Boy moves away from small town when he is 11, returns five years later. The town has changed, but some things stayed the same. He meets up with his friends from way back (one guy and the rest of 'em girls -- but that is to be expected, right?), sometimes being quite taken aback by how much the girls have... grown. He angers one girl by not recognising her -- even though she is still carrying the hairband he gave to her during a summer festival so many years ago.
Quite moe, probably based on a dating game. Designs are nice, and some of the (CGI) backgrounds are really detailed. And while this one has all the standard components, it takes on the genre with a laid-back attitude.

You're Under Arrest - Full Throttle: After a year of training on their own, two police women return to their regular police station. One of them encounters a young boy who turns out to be the heir of a fortune. When the Yakuza gets involved, she jumps into action, and a high-speed chase ensues!
Another incarnation of the "You're Under Arrest!"-franchise. I must admit I haven't seen any of the others, but this didn't exactly draw us in. Designs are nice enough, but it feels a bit flat -- most of the characters seem to be caricatures.
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