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nathreee posted a variation on the interview meme: when you volunteer, they pick 7 interests that you have to explain. So here goes:

Anarchosyndicalysm: The idea that workers own the means of production, and that they work together to better their lot. Taking action themselves, and not relying on outside sources. I like the idea a lot, and I think it could be executed very well in a small environment.

Cocteau Twins: A musical group. My first girlfriend introduced me to them. The group consists of three people. Main instrument is the guitar with a god-awful lot of distortions and effects (I saw them live once -- the guitar infrastructure was a man-high block of electronics, knobs and dials) and Elizabeth Fraser's singing. She has a very distinctive sound (you might know her from the song 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack -- that's her voice), and in her work on the Cocteau Twins, she uses nonsense words. It all blends together in a very fairy-tale like atmosphere.

Daydreaming: I spend quite a bit of time daydreaming. Sometimes not even consciously -- and that is when I have my best ideas.

Open Source: I really like the concept of open source. It promotes freedom and (consumer) choice, two things that I promote. When I listed 'open source' as an interest, I was thinking of Open Source Software specifically, but recently there has been a veritable flood of open source hardware projects. I think this is a very interesting development: suppose one could built a computer with open hardware schematics and components (some chip-makers have open sourced their chip designs), running open source software? That would create a whole new, free marketplace.

Picmicro: I use microcontrollers (programmable chips, basically) manufactured by Microchip. Their line of microcontrollers is called 'PIC' -- which originally stood for 'Programmable Interface Controller', but nowadays no-one will admit to that. PICs come in wildly different sizes: from the smallest 8-pin controllers to behemoth 40-pin monsters with built-in USB. The whole line is called 'PIC microcontrollers', which gets shortened to 'picmicro'.

Roborally: Great boardgame. The idea of a moving board and pre-programmed steps makes for good chaos. Chaos is good in a boardgame.

Steampunk: In short, Victorian cyberpunk. What if Babbage's Difference Engine had worked, and giant steam-driven computers had been built, with the jump in communication and science that would have produced? William Gibson and Bruce Sterling wrote 'The Difference Engine', an interesting steampunk novel which had all the trappings of cyberpunk -- but was set when Queen Victoria ruled Brittain. There are a few Steampunk RPGs (most notable 'Castle Falkenstein', which could be described as steam-powered Shadowrun).
And most recently, there has been a rise in carefully crafted fake-Victorian computer products. Most notable amongst the producers of such artifacts is Jake von Slatt, who runs the Steampunk Workshop.

You wanna play? Then comment and I'll select some interests from your list for you to explain in your Journal!
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