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Finished series: Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

We've finished watching Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru. First episode review is here.

Mizuho's late grandfather has put a final wish in his testament: he wants Mizuho to attend the same school as his late mother. Mizuho readily agrees -- but then it turns out that school is actually an all-girls' boarding school, while he is a boy! His childhood friend Mariya, who already attends that school, disguises him as a girl. The head-master and a single teacher are notified, and with their blessing Mizuho starts his school-life as a girl.

Obviously, this is the beginning of many a tight situation, with Mariya as his constant coach. Obviously, Mizuho becomes tremendously popular, and manages to become 'The Big Sister' of all the girls in the school through some sort of election... He beats Takako, the student council chairgirl in this contest -- much to the delight of Mariya, who can't stand the girl. Mizuho sits next to her in a elective class he takes, and so they get to know each other better.

From then on, they get closer. Of course, Mizuho is completely oblivious to the feelings that both Mariya and her rival have for him, which makes for a few episodes of navel gazing.
In the end, Mizuho's secret is revealed to Takako, but she accepts this and challenges him to be her rival again next year...

That is at the end of episode 12. Episode 13, the last one, is a separate 'story' called 'Tsunderella', all done in the super-deformed style that occasionally pops up in the series. In it, Takako plays the role of Tsunderella, who wants to get to the castle to dance with prince Mizuho. She is aided or hindered by many of the characters in the series... Definately a WTF-worthy last episode.

Good points:
- Well, there are some pantyshots, if that's your thing.
Bad points:
- Mizuho is a dweeb;
- Takako is annoying;
- Squeaky voices.

It's just generally 'meh', and doesn't offer anything that is fresh or new. If you're really into the genre, put this on your list -- otherwise you'd do best to avoid this mediocre show. A 5.
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